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Lex Anteinternet: The 2018 Wyoming Legislative Session.

Lex Anteinternet: The 2018 Wyoming Legislative Session.:

From the Casper Star Tribune:Bills to watch in Wyoming's 2018 legislative session A good synopsis, some of these I would have had no idea about and with some I wasn't aware of what their status was. Here's one I wasn't aware of, for example:What it does: This bill includes several major
revisions to Wyoming’s campaign finance laws. It expands the definition
of what is covered under the law and changes some reporting

What they’re saying: The Equality
State Policy Center faced off against the Wyoming Liberty Group on this
legislation during interim committee meetings. ESPC was heartened to see
the definitions expanded, while the Liberty Group claimed that
strengthening the laws any further would be unconstitutional and was
successful in rolling back an existing reporting requirement. It
appeared some of the lawmakers were confused as to what they were voting
on during the interim committee me…

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